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What’s new on Planet Wild:

Turbo-Wool Hiking Socks

We came out with the Channel Air sock a few years ago and they quickly became a popular item. We love the Channel Air, but it’s design and construction are intended for biking, running, and other cardio activities. They do what the name implies: breathe. Given...

Ripley’s Kenmare River Swim

Despite an uncertain weather pattern, Ripley knew the window was too good to pass up. While April 10th was slightly earlier than he had planned the swim, he knew that weather this good might not be around for weeks. Dressed in a custom wetsuit from Huub and towing a...

Backcountry Guide: Do-Its, Teton Pass

Rising to the southwest of Coal Creek Parking lot on Wyoming-22 lies what is known among locals as the “Do-Its.” The two slide paths, Do-it and Do-it Again, are one of the more straightforward tours available on the pass. Be prepared for a decent bit of climbing, but...

Warm Reminder: Spring Skiing Warning

Spring is in the air! Here in the Northeast that means occasional sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures, a bold, oft-too early forsaking of layers, and, best of all, spring skiing! During the winter months, New England is a brutal place to ski. High winds and...

The Dog Ate My Tow Rope

Ben Moisen awoke one morning to find that his dog had taken a few hefty chews on his old-fashioned tow rope. Using his resourcefulness, he quickly strapped a pair of our Versatac pants to the back of the snowmobile and proceeded as usual. Could your pants support your...

Explore-Trees: Cape Parrot Nesting Boxes in South Africa

In 2013, Amorentia Estate, in Limpopo Province, South Africa, partnered with Explore-Trees in order to attempt an ambitious cavity nesting box program designed to help bolster the endangered population of the Cape Parrot. Explore-Trees, fresh off an exploratory...

Mt. Watatic: Backcountry in your Backyard

By Zach d’Arbeloff Sitting in the quiet town of Ashby, MA, Mt. Watatic is one end of the Wapack Trail and the Northern end of Massachusetts’ Mid-State Trail. It is a small mountain, rising only about 600 feet to the summit, accessed off of quiet Route 119....

ADM Yucatan Expedition 2015

This week, Advanced Diver Magazine’s (ADM) non-profit wing, the ADM Exploration Foundation, will take Explorer’s Club Flag #208 to the cenotes that lie beneath the surface of the Yucatan Peninsula. The expedition will explore a new, “uncharted”...

Crystal Brindle’s New Zealand Photography, Take 2

Team RailRiders member and photographer Crystal Brindle is currently down in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand, working as a Hut Warden for the NZ Department of Conservation. Due to her 8-day on, 8-day off schedule, Crystal has been lucky enough to travel around...

Up the Rio Santa Cruz: From Sea to Source Part 2

You can find part 1 of Leon’s photo journal from the Rio Santa Cruz here. Also be sure to check out our interview with Leon which delves deeper into the stories behind their expedition. In November 2014, Leon McCarron, Tom Allen, and Jose Argento embarked on a...

Adirondack Winter: Winter Wilderness, Modest Mountains

By Erik Schlimmer In the United States bigger is better – when it comes to mountains it’s all about the elevation.  For example, most hikers have heard of 14,494-foot Mount Whitney: highpoint of the Lower Forty-Eight.  Washington State’s Mount Rainier,...

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