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How to Survive the Mongol Rally

It’s one of the wildest and wackiest car rallies on the planet. The Mongol Rally requires drivers to travel from either London or the Czech Republic to Mongolia’s capital city, Ulan Bator. Standing in their way is 10,000 miles of mountains, desert and steppes. But...

Therma-Wool Top

Not all sheep are dumb. Some sheep are pretty smart! (Hey, college diplomas used to be printed on sheepskin; okay, bad for the sheep, good for the graduating student.) Merino sheep are like Mensa in the wilds. Survival is at stake for this species. These high-altitude...

Costa Rica’s Ambassador of Adventure: Roman Urbina

Roman Urbina has packed enough adventure in his 50 years that seem like several lifetimes.  The Costa Rica native has a super-impressive list of accomplishments:  long-distance swimmer who swam 20 miles to raise awareness of endangered sea turtles, elite triathlete...

Water Bike Makes a Big Splash

The new water bike heralds from Mill Valley, California, which is 10 miles north of San Francisco and as Bay Area commuters know all too well, the region is home to some of the worst commute traffic in the nation. The X1 Schiller Bike, however, can now take local...

Micro-Fleece Top

Most fleece tops will “fleece” you, promising insulating comfort during cold-weather activity but only causing pain to your wallet. That’s not the case with the new Backcountry Micro-Fleece Top by RailRiders Adventure Clothing. While the polyester fabric has superior...