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How-to Actually “Get Into the Backcountry Safely”

By Zach d’Arbeloff I have used a few terms in this article that casual skiiers may not be familiar with. You can check the list of key terms at the end if you get confused! It is easy to see why the last decade has brought such a boom in Backcountry skiing....

Bright Lights, Small Lantern

The new Clarus LED mini-lantern and torch is a bright, 150 lumen light packed into a miniature frame. The small lantern collapses seamlessly into flashlight mode, and has a hook so it can be hung. The light has three brightness modes, as well as strobe, and burns for...

Inside Cheryl Strayed’s Pack from “Wild”

It’s too bad Cheryl Strayed had never heard of RailRiders. The above video details everything that Cheryl took with her during her adventure along the Pacific Crest Trail as captured by her memoir, Wild. The hit book was just released as a film starring Reese...

The Great African Expedition

On February 22, 2012, explorer and anthropologist Julian Monroe Fisher announced plans for the “RailRiders Great African Expedition,” an ambitious, multi-phase expedition that involves seven separate trips across the African continent in five years. The GAE follows in...

About RailRiders Green: Environmental Initiatives

The world is not as it once was. The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Wilderness is disappearing. The extinction rate is skyrocketing. To be a part of our industry and not recognize what is happening to our planet is foolish. We are committed to being a...

Carolina Rivers: Education and Preservation Through Exploration

RailRiders is excited to announce the first of our “RailRiders Green” sponsorships! We are proud to be working with the Carolina Rivers Project ( Carolina Rivers, which officially launches in spring 2015, is a exploration of 32 different rivers...

How To Survive the Trek up Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s one of the most popular treks in Africa: Hiking to the glacier-covered summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano mountain in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is not only the highest mountain in Africa (19,341 feet above sea level), it’s also the highest free-standing...

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A series of how-to guides to help you survive the Backcountry, told through interviews with our Pros!

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Transmissions from our Team RailRiders athletes in the field. Grand tales of adventure, trials and tribulations, and pretty pictures.


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