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What’s new on Planet Wild:

Women’s Therma-Wool Hoodie

Merino Sheep are an incredible animal. Evolved to survive at high altitude, the wool on these sheep is one of nature’s miracles. Because conditions can swing wildly from hot to cold, dry to wet, comfortable to miserable in a matter of minutes, these sheep need to be...

NEW Lined Kodiak Pant

Just in time for winter comes our BRAND NEW Lined Kodiak Pant. We took the comments and suggestions on our old lined Winter Weatherpants and put them into the design of the Lined Kodiak Pant, new for fall 2015. These pants are even more heavy duty than before. Made...

Support the Pan-Mass Challenge: Bike to Erase Cancer

Next week, RailRiders Founder & CEO John d’Arbeloff will ride the 36th annual Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) with his daughter Margaux. The annual fundraiser is a 192-mile bike route from Sturbridge to Provincetown, doable in sections, for the express purpose of raising...

Not Just for Hippies: Ultimate Taking Center Stage

You see them everywhere. Not just in every U.S. state – but across the world. The circular, plastic 175-gram “Sportdisc” (more commonly known as the “Frisbee”) has become ubiquitous with relaxing summer fun: on the beach, in the park, and as a part of lawn games...

Too Tough Trunks: Spring ’16 Preview

Returning in Spring 2016: the redesigned, re-engineered, but still amazing Too Tough Trunks. One of our original, simplest, and most practical items from twenty years ago have been brought up to speed. Made out of a super soft, comfortable, breathable, and...

Why “Is it Organic” is the Wrong Question

Almost every supermarket nowadays has an ever-expanding “Organic” section. Whether it is produce, meat, or processed goods and grains, the USDA Organic logo has become one of the most lucrative labels in the food industry. Organic farming is great – it is mostly...

Film Production Diary #3: Arguments and Difficulties

By Tom Allen Film production diary parts 1&2 Leon and I have rarely argued on our expeditions and film projects together. Last week, however, we ran into a bit of a disagreement. Specifically, we disagreed on how the Patagonia film should end. With a week to kill...

Adventure Film Production Diary #1&2: Tom and Leon

By Tom Allen Adventure Film Product Diary: Entry #1: Hi folks! It’s just passed two weeks since the end of the campaign… which means the funds have been collected and are winging their way over to us as I type. Woohoo! We’ve already started work, of course. In...

An Ode to the Jammin’ Shorts

By Zach d’Arbeloff It should go without saying that, as a RailRider employee, I own and wear a lot of RailRiders product. While it is my job to put on a public face and spread the praise of RailRiders, it is not a requirement that I wear it all the time or even...

Carolina Rivers Launch Event

The time has finally come! After spending much of January and February overseas in Uganda, Julian Monroe Fisher has returned home and shifted his focus towards his next expedition: the Carolina Rivers project. Julian actually launched the expedition last week on the...

How to Help Nepal

To our readers: Nepal holds a special place in the hearts of adventurers. As a provider of outdoor clothing, we too look to the towering peaks of the Himalayas as an inspiration and a lofty goal. We see the top of the world and we can see ourselves there, if only we...

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