About RailRiders Green: Environmental Initiatives

About RailRiders Green: Environmental Initiatives

The world is not as it once was. The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Wilderness is disappearing. The extinction rate is skyrocketing. To be a part of our industry and not recognize what is happening to our planet is foolish. We are committed to being a responsible company that dedicates time, energy, and resources to projects that will help undo some of the damage that has been done. Here at RailRiders Green, you have an opportunity to learn about the people that we sponsor and the projects they are involved in. We strive to find opportunities to support expeditions that are both eco-friendly, adventurous, and symbolize our brand as the “Toughest Clothes on the Planet.” From Africa to your backyard, we hope to help make a lot of good happen.

One of our goals with the RailRiders Green program is not only to help the environment, but to help spread the work of those who are out every day on the ground level. We want you to see their faces and share their experiences. This isn’t about us giving back; it is about us supporting people and causes we believe in because we think they will make the world a better place. By forging this connection we hope we can do more than just feel that we are doing are part. We hope that we can teach you something, whether it is a new place to explore or something you never knew needed to be saved.

There are three things we look for in an organization. The first is ground level work. While awareness organizations do a lot of good, they are focused more in the political realm of the environmental movement. We want to focus on the ground, to support organizations that are getting their hands (and their pants) dirty. Secondly, we feel it is important that the organizations we support fit in with our mission. We make the toughest clothes on the planet, and those clothes should go to support the brave men and women who need them. Finally, we seek tangible accomplishment. We support organizations with specific goals and projects that have a completion date. We want our clothes to be part of the process. While some of our team members are nonprofit organizations that work on a larger scale, the organizations we support are constantly implementing tangible projects that help make the area they operate in a healthier place. We like projects that focus on the small scale with attainable goals and the possibility for a project to be finished.

We thank you for taking the time in reading the RailRiders Green content and helping support the great organizations we partner with. We truly feel as though we support a world-class group of people and athletes who are dedicated to grass-roots level activism that can make quite a difference in the world. We are not motivated by politics beyond our simple love for the outdoors and our wish that they stay explorable for the long haul. Our clothes need a place to play, and the people who you will find here are working to make that happen.

–Zach d’Arbeloff, Coordinator, Team RailRiders, RailRiders Green

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