Carolina Rivers: Education and Preservation Through Exploration

Carolina Rivers: Education and Preservation Through Exploration

RailRiders is excited to announce the first of our “RailRiders Green” sponsorships! We are proud to be working with the Carolina Rivers Project ( Carolina Rivers, which officially launches in spring 2015, is a exploration of 32 different rivers in 2 years. Headed by accomplished explorer and anthropologist Julian Monroe Fisher, the project seeks to illuminate the distinct personality of each river, from the water itself, to the ecosystems, to the people who have lived their whole lives along the shore.

Julian, the lead explorer, is a native of North Carolina. A Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society in London and an International Fellow with the Explorer’s Club of New York City, Julian’s work as an anthropologist and an explorer has taken him all over the world. Over the past seven years, he has done six flag-sanctioned expeditions to Africa for the Explorer’s Club, including the establishment of the African Continent’s first long hiking trail. His most recent trip, part of the RailRiders Great African Expedition, wrapped up phase three in March of 2014 and production is under way of the accompanying documentary series by OutWild TV.

Black River Cove during Julian Monroe Fisher's Carolina Rivers exploration

After so much time abroad, Julian decided that it was time to return to his backyard. As an adventurer and an explorer, he recognizes that, while he has been lucky to see the world, the areas surrounding our homes are just as important and interesting as the most exotic location. His personal motto for the adventure is “you don’t have to go to Africa, Asia or Antarctica to be an explorer; all you have to do is walk into your backyard and look at your world with curious eyes.” The upcoming expedition, which will coincide with a documentary series produced by Costa TV as well as other media releases, is a reminder that adventure is all around us.

We have been long time supporters of Julian and the Explorer’s Club, but we are especially excited about the Carolina Rivers Project. Our clothes go all over the world and experience the harshest of condition, but they are equally at home in your backyard. With the spread of global tourism has been the infection of the idea that “adventure” means going somewhere else. The limitless opportunities of the backyard and the neighborhood park have been eliminated by the grandiose idea that adventure is only true if you travel. This is what inspired the projects motto: “Education and Preservation through Exploration.”

Kayaks sit on the banks of the black river, Carolina Rivers

The end goal of the project is to shed some light on the beautiful watersheds of the Carolinas, and to help raise awareness to save these delicate river eco-systems. Fisher believes that the best way to do this is to tell the stories through the eyes of locals, to capture the personality of these unique regions and allow them to speak for themselves. There is a lot of cram-down-your-throat environmentalism in today’s world, and this seeks to be a more artistic and organic representation of the importance of the environmental movement.

More information on the journey and logistics of the Carolina Rivers project can be found at their website,

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