Gobi Crossing 2011 Photo Gallery

Ripley Davenport attempted a solo crossing of Mongolia, which would have totaled some 1700 miles and crossed a multitude of desert landscapes. He made it 1012 miles before succumbing to injury, but vowed to return. In 2011, Ripley returned to Mongolia with a team and an idea to cross Asia’s largest desert, the Gobi, in a non-stop trek. He and six others spent 52 days walking 1136 miles and successfully completing the expedition. The Gobi Crossing was an intense test for Ripley and his team, and it saw the return of some painful symptoms Rip had experienced during his solo 2010 expedition. He would be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis just a few weeks after completing the Gobi Crossing, making his multiple expeditions to the dry heat of the desert all the more impressive. Currently, Ripley is gearing up with the end goal to become the first person to swim the circumference of Ireland. He will most likely never be able to attempt a long desert crossing again.

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