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Jury Duty: Not as Bad as You Think

(Featured Image: an approximate feel of what our courtroom in Woburn, MA was like. Ours was less fancy. As a quick reminder, the trial is a matter of public record and now that it is concluded I am fully allowed to discuss it. However, I will keep details extremely...

Your Winter Forecast and the Effects of an El Nino

If you pay attention to weather forecasts, you have probably heard of the “El Nino” (Spanish for “The nino”). 2015 has seen the development of a massive El Nino, which could have a major effect on our country’s winter. To get you ready for winter, and to prepare your...

The Science of Fall

This time of year, all across the temperate climate zones of the Northern Hemisphere, an amazing thing happens. Before the long slumber of winter, deciduous trees treat us to an explosion of color so incredible it can be observed from space. These foliage fireworks...

Why I Love Being a Horse and Carriage Driver

America’s cities were once congested with horse-drawn carriages and delivery wagons.  Today, you can relive our pre-automobile past by taking horse-and-carriage rides in cities like New York City and Chicago.  One of the H&C drivers in Chicago is Megan Gray (nee...

Buying a New Pair of Skis: An Insider’s Guide

One of my favorite parts of fall is salivating over the season’s new skis, finally available for purchase, or at least ogling. I know what I like, and I know what to pine for. I also know I already have too many skis to justify buying new ones but… I can always dream....

How-to: Practice Fall Fire Safety

For me, fall is hiking season. The weather gets cooler, spending the night in a tent becomes more pleasant, foliage explodes into color, and the weather in New England is usually spectacular. With the cool weather, the use of campfires becomes much more common. Cooler...

Microadventure: Walden Pond

Most people have heard of Walden Pond. Whether you are from Massachusetts or California, the wooded home of one of America’s most famed writers, Henry David Thoreau, has garnered international fame. While Thoreau championed self-reliance, Walden Pond is only a little...

Women’s Therma-Wool Hoodie

Merino Sheep are an incredible animal. Evolved to survive at high altitude, the wool on these sheep is one of nature’s miracles. Because conditions can swing wildly from hot to cold, dry to wet, comfortable to miserable in a matter of minutes, these sheep need to be...

NEW Lined Kodiak Pant

Just in time for winter comes our BRAND NEW Lined Kodiak Pant. We took the comments and suggestions on our old lined Winter Weatherpants and put them into the design of the Lined Kodiak Pant, new for fall 2015. These pants are even more heavy duty than before. Made...

Support the Pan-Mass Challenge: Bike to Erase Cancer

Next week, RailRiders Founder & CEO John d’Arbeloff will ride the 36th annual Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) with his daughter Margaux. The annual fundraiser is a 192-mile bike route from Sturbridge to Provincetown, doable in sections, for the express purpose of raising...

Not Just for Hippies: Ultimate Taking Center Stage

You see them everywhere. Not just in every U.S. state – but across the world. The circular, plastic 175-gram “Sportdisc” (more commonly known as the “Frisbee”) has become ubiquitous with relaxing summer fun: on the beach, in the park, and as a part of lawn games...

Too Tough Trunks: Spring ’16 Preview

Returning in Spring 2016: the redesigned, re-engineered, but still amazing Too Tough Trunks. One of our original, simplest, and most practical items from twenty years ago have been brought up to speed. Made out of a super soft, comfortable, breathable, and...

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