TrailBlazers: A Letter From Gary Humphrey

TrailBlazers: A Letter From Gary Humphrey

RailRiders Adventure Clothing does what it says. Yes it’s the toughest clothing on the planet. Designed by people who know the outdoors.

I had to laugh at RailRiders’ comment on my FaceBook Gary Humphrey link about my show, ‘we weren’t super involved- check out the belt.’

How wrong could John and the gang be. You can’t get more involved and personal than me wearing their you Cool Dry Boxers, Turbo Wool socks, Bushwacker Trouser, Versatac Shorts, Therma-Wool Top, Adventure Cap and I ate with the spork in Papua New Guinea.

IMG_0704 small

Everything apart from the shirt (cant mention the brand) was theirs. Boy oh boy did that shirt fail miserably, making me sweat like a Marco Rubio (to quote Donald Trump).

Anyway the point is, I came across RailRiders gear a few years ago, once I wore it, that was it…converted!!!!

If you’re part of the outdoor, adventure or just plain getting dirty industry, we rely on no nonsense clothing and equipment. It’s just another headache we don’t have to worry about when life’s going wrong, the elements are against us and failure could be fatal.

Railriders is like my favorite pair of jeans or the chair that I watch TV in.

Just keep on doing what your doing and me great clothing.

trailblazers preview

Trailblazers that premieres 29th April at 10pm on Discovery.

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