Women’s Therma-Wool Hoodie

Women’s Therma-Wool Hoodie

Merino Sheep are an incredible animal. Evolved to survive at high altitude, the wool on these sheep is one of nature’s miracles. Because conditions can swing wildly from hot to cold, dry to wet, comfortable to miserable in a matter of minutes, these sheep need to be ready for anything. The result is wool that is breathable in the heat and dries quickly, but is also warm when wet and insulating against the cold. It is the kind of stuff only nature can create.

This is why Merino has become the outdoor-clothing-fabric-du-jour. Its versatility is unrivaled by any synthetic fabric, and it dries quicker and is much lighter than other natural fabrics. Last fall, we released our first 100% merino piece, the Therma-Wool Top, which we and our customers loved. We loved it so much; we immediately turned around and thought: what else could we make out of this?

Enter the Women’s Therma-Wool Hoodie. Made of the same 100% Merino fabric as our men’s version, the hoodie is ultra soft and offers some unique features that the Men’s version doesn’t have. The most obvious, of course, is the hood, which will help keep the head warm when the weather gets chilly. After all, 60% of your heat is lost through your head, and we know that long hair can make wearing a hat a pain (and where are you supposed to carry it if you’re out for a run or a walk?). The hoodie also has thumbholes in the cuff so that you can keep your hands warm, as well as an extra-long cut to be worn tastefully with leggings.


We did our best to match fashion, function, and comfort to create the best Merino piece you can find on the market. It is currently available for pre-order, and will ship in mid-September. Men: don’t fear, new colors of the original Therma-Wool Top are coming too!

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