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Blue Water Work Shirt
Blue Water Work Shirt

Blue Water Work Shirt

Was: $99.00   Now: $59.00
Weight: 9.0 oz
Item #: BWWS
  • soft yet beefy cotton flannel
  • 2 front patch pockets
  • slot pocket for reading glasses
  • elbow patches on arms

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Off the coast of Maine, the water offshore is referred to as blue water.  It is the kingdom for lobster fisherman year-round.  A cold and dangerous job when the leaves fall off the trees.  As the fall season sets in, the blue water becomes cold and the air frigid with fog and moisture,  and these boys need some warmth underneath their foulies.  The Blue Water Work Shirt Fits the bill.  Made with super soft beefy cotton flannel, it boosts superior warmth and style.  2 front patch pockets and a slot pocket for your glasses so they can see and throw back the lady lobbies with eggs from the pot.    If you ever get to Maine, visit our friends at the “Lobster Boys” off Portland, the oldest family in the Maine fishing community.  Ayuh!

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4.7 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

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I love the look and feel of the fabric. My only complaint is that the pockets were not attached to the front of the shirt so were just flapping loose (and I usually wear flannels unbuttoned). I ended up paying a tailor to attach them for me which I think looks much nicer.Also this is the second shirt I've bought from you and have found that your L is a little too small for me and the XL is too big (I bought an XL). For this reason I likely won't buy much else (unless I loose some weight). Thanks

The colour of the shirt is entirely different from the picture but is in fact much more beautiful I'm not particularly happy that it went on sale for 40 off a week after I bought it.

Great shirt fabric warm for sure. Will need an iron tho to flatten front button placket if that bothers one. Ironing not my strong suit but Ill keep it.