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Fairwinds Long Sleeve

Fairwinds Long Sleeve

Fairwinds Long Sleeve

Weight: 8.0 oz
Item #: MFWL
  • Microscopic holes (micro-pores) cover the entire fabric for breathability
  • Two vertical zippered chest pockets for easy access
  • A slot pocket for your reading glasses or Cohiba
  • snap down collar keeps the point in place
  • Roll up sleeves with lashes
  • Clever cuff system allows rolling or pushing up on the sleeve
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It’s a hot and muggy day in the Marquesas Keys off the coast of Key West, as you ready your skiff to set out on the flats in search of Permit, bonefish or Tarpon. The Marquesas Keys form an uninhabited island group about 20 miles west of Key West, 4 miles in diameter, and largely covered by mangrove forest. Your quest in finding any of the three species is a fine day in this paradise.  You’ve chosen your new Fairwinds Long sleeve and trusty Jammin Shorts for the adventure.  The Fairwinds shirt was designed for hot sunny climates.  Made from our polyester quick dry Micro-Pore Fabric, it boasts thousands of microscopic holes in the fabric to allow the trades to flow through the fabric to keep you cool, yet sun protected.  A perfect combination for being on the salt flats.  As you quietly approach the edge of the flats, a gentile commotion of tailing fish appears at 12 o’clock.  You load your rod and cast the distance.  Strip, strip, strip Boom, Fish on!  Life is good.

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Are the zippered chest pockets large enough to contain a 7 by 4 iPhone XS Max and case I live on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands. I currently have bone flats shirts in all colors and size medium and until now these are the only shirts that I can wear. The rating is for my bone flats shirts.

From RailRiders: Hello Frank, the pocket bag is 6" wide by 7" deep. Great Shirt with amazing ventilation.

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