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Great Plains Field Coat
Great Plains Field Coat

Great Plains Field Coat

Was: $250.00   Now: $110.00
Weight: 24.0 oz
Item #: GPWJ
  • waxed cotton/nylon shell for strong wind and weather protection
  • full interior is quilted prima-loft insulation for extreme warmth and comfort, including the sleeves
  • beefy herringbone flannel covers the insulation on the torso for soft drape against the body
  • high stand up collar lined with flannel for warmth and comfort
  • two flannel lined zippered hand warmer pockets
  • two chest pockets with flaps for your quick access items
  • articulated shoulder hinges for ease of movement
  • internal vertical zippered pocket and a two-way front zipper
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It’s 9 p.m. in Charbonneau, North Dakota and a snow storm has formed from the Rockies bringing wind and stinging snow to your 2000 acre farm. Your ranch hand Jake comes in from the squall to tell you that the herd of prized highland cattle has punched through the southeastern paddock and are running wild. Temps are dropping and the snow intensifying as you grab your Great Plains Field coat and head for the stables to saddle your Apaloosa Gelding and head out to round up the prized cattle. The Great Plains Field Coat craves winter; it eats if for breakfast. Made with tough weather-proof waxed cotton, it boasts a robust quilted prima-loft insulation under a sturdy Herringbone flannel interior. Sleeves are lined with prima-loft insulation and smooth taffeta for easy on and off. The front offers 2 patched pockets with side entry warming pockets, a vertical chest pocket for quick access, a two way zipper runs the opening and a high stand up collar with soft flannel for warmth. Articulated shoulder hinges make it easy to move your arms. Your cattle have safely been herded back to the paddock and the hole in the fence has been mended. All is right in the world. You de-frock your steed, thank him for his services and head back to the main house for a fine single malt. Your Great Plains Field Coat gets another notch in the hard oak mantle for a job well done. It’s dry, you’re dry. Now that is a nice ending.

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Great Plains Field Coat Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

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I just got this coat and here are my initial thoughts it is warm. This morning it was 15 F with a wind chill of -1 but with a RR mock turtleneck shirt with a wool shirt (a "surfer's wool shirt") and this coat I stayed warming while shoveling snow. Of course the snow boots moleskin pants and gloves helped--but this coat did the most at keeping me comfortable.The sleeves are almost tight I have to spend an extra second putting the coat on. No big deal just something I noticed.The hand-warmer pockets are a bit shallow. I usually like to keep my car keys in the handwarmer pockets but do not feel comfortable doing it with this coat. I keep my car keys in one of the snapped pockets that are in front of the handwarmer pockets.The zippable pockets are nice and deep.The zipper takes a bit to get broken in and easier to use.Overall I do like this coat and will enjoy staying warm in it. I estimate that this coat will keep me warm from about 40 F down to about zero or bit below zero degrees.

Great looking jacket. Keeps me nice and warm out in Eastern Oregon. Blocks the wind very well too.

I bought this to replace a waxed cotton jacket I used for work around the house. Frankly this jacket is too nice for this use. Very good looking very warm and without the weight of waxed cotton. This will be my go-to coat until the weather dips below zero. Good work RR.

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