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Insect Shield Wrap Blanket

Insect Shield Wrap Blanket

Insect Shield Wrap Blanket

Weight: 3.0 oz
Item #: ISWB
  • 100% Polyeseter
  • Dimensions: 56" x 36"
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, flees including those that can carry dangerous diseases such as lyme and Zika
  • Built in odorless protection
  • good for up to 70 washings


A fantastic new product for being outdoors.  The Insect Shield Wrap Blanket is the perfect accessory to keep in your car, mud-room or cabin by the lake.  The insect Shield Blanket will keep you out of bugs harms way.  Wrap it, sit on it, or use it as a small blanket. Do not leave home without it!

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