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Men's Jammin Pants

Men's Jammin Pants

Men's Jammin Pants

Weight: 20.0 oz
Item #: MJP
  • Tough nylon with a hint of spandex for stretch
  • deep front pockets with our signature security pocket on left hip
  • low-profile side zippered pockets with a top slot for your phone or other quick access needs
  • 2 zippered back pockets
  • elastic at sides of waist for easy fit and comfort
  • removable belt
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For all the fans of our famous Jammin’ Shorts, let us introduce the NEW Jammin’ Pant. Same amazing fabric as the shorts but with a little extra... stretch. Yes, stretch built into the fabric so you can truly jam all fall and winter. The nylon-spandex fabric is soft to the touch and tough as nails and moves with ease with your body. Add deep front pockets, and two well-placed, low-profile side thigh pockets with a hidden slot behind for your super smart phone and this pant wins the participation trophy. Our trademarked side security pocket, elastic at sides of waist and removable belt close out the features of this must have pant. These trousers (as they say in the UK) will sell out fast, don’t hesitate.

Men's Jammin Pants Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars (7 reviews)

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These are my favorite pants. I have two pair and with one exception they are great. The stretch fabric is extremely comfortable and doesn't wrinkle much. They are super travel pants. Smart phone goes in one open top thigh pocket and wallet goes in the other so you don't have to sit on either of them when in the car or on the plane. Items are quick to retrieve and no problem with them falling out.

I have several pairs of the Jammin shorts and consider them to be unparalled. I have been asking for Jammin long pants and was excited to order. They fit well and overall appear to be very satisfactory. I was a little disappointed that they are heavier than the shorts and not as comfortable. They stretch fabric is good. My thoughts are make them just like the shorts and give us light colors.

From RailRiders: Michael, yes they are a tad heavier due to the addition of stretch. We will look into whether the fabric can be lightened up.

I've been wearing the new Railriders Jammin pants now for about four months now. I've worn them on 30 hour international travel days and for quick errands around town. They excel in all conditions. The mechanical stretch built into these pants makes them supremely comfortable. Simply put they never seem to bind especially in um sensitive areas. The stretch is what makes these pants a standout in my mind. These are seriously all-day comfortable.They are ideal for travel. Of course the pockets are brilliant and I've been a super fan of the RR cargo pockets that open from the front ever since I bought my first pair of VersaTac pants over a decade ago. Being able to access your gear while seated especially on long flights is just the best thing ever in travel pants. The large open pocket behind the cargo pocket on each side of the pants are just as revolutionary and functional. I can fit my Bose QC-35 headphones inside the pocket and a very large bottle of water in the other. You wouldn't want to sit like this for long but the option is nice while you're boarding the plane and storing your gear. As others have mentioned they are a bit heavier than other RR pants yet I haven't found them to be overly hot. They breathe pretty well though in fairness I haven't been in summer temps yet. I traveled with these through the Middle East but it was December so the temps never got out of the 90 range. I'll update this review when summer comes.The material has a nice texture to it and they look very nice in person. I wore these to nicer restaurants and had no raised eyebrows nor ever felt under-dressed. They also drape nice and don't show wrinkles (no matter how long you sleep in them on the plane) so you always look sharp. Gunmetal is an interesting color. It's mostly gray but it does have a hint of earth tone in it so it goes well with just about everything and doesn't seem to show dirt. Again perfect for those of us who travel light. If you can only take one pair of pants with you these are it.

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