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Men's Too Tough Trunks

Men's Too Tough Trunks

Men's Too Tough Trunks

Weight: 5.0 oz
Item #: TTT
  • 1.5 oz featherweight nylon / polyester fabric
  • Revised for a much better fit
  • Elastic waist with drawsting
  • Internal Brief - Great for swimming
  • 2 front pockets with Mesh
  • Back pocket with plastic snap
  • Zippered side stash pocket
  • Active Short with 6 inch inseam
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We set out to make the perfect pair of lightweight, versatile shorts that could go anywhere but wouldn’t crush your wallet. Somehow, we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Made from a 74% Nylon, 26% polyester fabric that is light as air, the Too Tough Trunks will caress your legs with softness while also drying in twenty minutes or less. A mesh liner provides support and allows the shorts to be worn freely in all environments. Sewn in mesh pockets offer spacious storage. This will be your new favorite pair of shorts, we guarantee it.  Now with a much better fit.

Reason For Being: An ultra-light weight short that can be worn into the water, up a mountain, or during a marathon. This versatile pair of shorts is so comfortable you might never take them off.

Fabric: Made from the same 74% nylon, 26% polyester blend as many of our shirts, the fabric is soft on the skin but surprisingly resilient. Polyester mesh brief.

Made to Move: A crotch gusset gives more space for the thighs and allows you to run, jump, dive, and dance to your heart’s content.

Men's Too Tough Trunks Reviews
4.7 out of 5 stars (7 reviews)

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My new favorite shorts. Super lightweight but tough as nails.

I now own two pairs of these wonderful shorts. the old style and now the improved style with better waist band. I took both pairs to the Dominican Republic for a 5 day jungle stay. They worked so well. I only actually needed one pair as they dried quickly each night even in the high humidity weather. They never once smelled and were so comfortable to wear each days. I really appreciated the snap back pocket and the versatility of the mesh front pockets that drained out the sand as I swam in the Caribbean sea.

These are my new favorite shorts. I work at a summer camp so I am out in the hot hot sun all day every day. I am constantly getting wet and dirty kids are pulling on my clothing and I need a pair of shorts that can keep up.The Too Tough Trunks are nearly perfect. They are super soft they fit amazingly and they dry like lightning.To compare them to another well known brand I wear ALL the time they are very similar to the Patagonia Baggies. Both have a mesh liner - I cut this out because I hate mesh liners and I can't wear that at summer camp anyway (I wear the RR Boxer briefs underneath - go to that page for my review of those bad boys). The Baggies are made out of a slightly heavier material which is 100 nylon - I think that if you put both pairs through an extreme stress test the Baggies would be tougher but I beat the crap out of both brands and they held up equally all summer.The Baggies have a better waistband (I actually emailed RR and they said for 2017 they are trying to make it more like Patagonia) but other than that the Too Tough Trunks are far superior. As previously mentioned they are lighter and dry significantly faster than the Baggies. They also fit better. The RailRiders shorts have a gusset that goes from crotch to the hem of the shorts that is really helpful in a comfortable all-day fit. There is no pinching or squeezing anywhere.I also really like the pocket structure of the Too Tough Trunks. The pockets stop a few inches before the hem and are far more open than the ones on the Baggies. While stuff DOES fall out easier (when sitting) it is more comfortable to not have whatever is in your pockets all the way at the bottom of the shorts and it is much easier to get stuff out of the pockets. Also the Too Tough Trunks have a small zipper pocket to securely stash cash or credit cards or other small stuff in which is a nice feature.Overall The Too Tough Trunks are my favorite shorts. I hope that they come out with these in new colors and would love to see some pattern prints for next year If you get these you will definitely not be disappointed.

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