April 9th, 2014
First chair to last call at the bar, put on a WeatherTop made by RailRiders

 From first chair to last call to last call at the bar, put on a WeatherTop made by RailRiders, it will be your best decision of the day.

Wearing only the RailRiders Hyrdro-zip T as well as a fleece pullover, the Weathertop I determined to be the perfect final layer to accompany me in the mountains as it provides warmth, functionality and excellent style. Before I left the car for a day of skiing, I loaded up the front kangaroo pocket with sunscreen, a few power bars, an extra pair of gloves and my camera to snap that perfect shot of my buddy wiping out. This pocket is secure, easily accessible and roomy. Cluttering your pants pockets only makes for a disaster when items can easily fall out on the chairlift or the slopes. I’d rather spend my day powder carving instead of key hunting!

Hard to imagine I wore this same jacket in 20 degree snow showers with 35mph winds and on a sunny 45 degree spring condition afternoon- which curiously were only three days apart. To say it simply, the climate control on this jacket is outstanding! With the mountains never wanting to make up their mind about what weather system to bring through, the Weathertop will help find all the answers for you. This WeatherTop traps your bodies’ heat when the mercury falls below 20 and keeps your skin dry when some fresh powder decides to fall- so unfortunately I had no excuse to call it a day and hit the bar at noon when a high pressure system decided to come through. With a high neck collar, no moisture and absolutely no wind snuck down my spine when throwing some fast turns in. When the late afternoon sun decided to break through, the Weathertop offered me numerous ways to cool off by unzipping ventilation zippers underneath the armpits, undoing the front chest zipper as well as the back cape vent which always allows cool air to come in. Even on a hot sunny day, I am thankful to wear the Weathertop for any spills I might take in some wet slushy powder. I always know I will stay dry, which to me is the most important factor.

Taking quick turns through trees, I want full movement and freedom and don’t want my clothing to hamper me down. The WeatherTop is engineered with nylon fabrics weighing in at only 28oz. I felt more alive than ever with this jacket on! RailRiders did excellent in incorporating the perfect balance of weight and functionality which I heavily appreciated on the ski slopes- and I am sure you will too.

The Weathertop holds true to all of RailRiders pieces- a stylish clean cut product that will look great in the backcountry and on the urban streets for resupply days. The fun colors will stand you out from the rest of the crowd but serious inquiries about where you got the jacket will only happen after someone witnesses you reaching into your pouch to pull out a snack. I love the way my WeatherTop looks on me, and I like the fact that nothing else looks similar unless its made by the toughest clothes on the planet- RailRiders.

From first chair to last call, you might not know what your day holds for you but the WeatherTop will guarantee you’re prepared for everything that is in store.


November 14th, 2013
The establishement of the Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail, South Sudan to Uganda



The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker

Historical Trail, South Sudan to Uganda

Photograph by Ocean, Corbis

Hiker: Julian Monroe Fisher, explorer, filmmaker, and anthropologist

In His Words

I am about to make one trail on my bucket list become a reality. In January-February 2013 we trekked into the bush country of Eastern Equatoria in the new nation of South Sudan. Starting in June 2013, we are establishing trail markers for a new trail that will run from Gondokora near Juba, South Sudan, to Baker’s View, overlooking Lake Albert, Uganda. The trail will follow the route Sir Samuel Baker and Lady Florence Baker followed during their expedition to Lake Albert in the 1860s. In 2014, we will launch a walking and mountain bike trail from Juba, South Sudan, to Baker’s View, Uganda. The fourteen stops will encompass spots along the route where the Bakers camped as they used exploration to abolish slavery. —Julian Monroe Fisher

Length: 360 miles

The Details: South Sudan was born in 2011, breaking away from Sudan in a nearly unanimous referendum. Independence has not solved all of the fledgling nation’s ills, however; the aftereffects of decades of civil war and military atrocities and ongoing fighting between the government and rebel groups make it one of the most dangerous and needy spots on the globe.

The hope is that the trail can play some small part in stabilizing the region, much as the Bakers hoped their 19th-century expedition could play a part in helping to end the horrors of the slave trade. Most of the trail goes through Uganda, which is relatively safe for hikers. A bit of danger is inherent in the history of the walk; Sir Samuel Baker himself was kidnapped on one of his expeditions.

Meticulously researched for historical accuracy, the trail begins in South Sudan’s current capital city of Juba and follows the Bakers’ routes along the White Nile into Uganda, ending at Baker’s View, the spot Fisher determined to be where Sir Samuel Baker first gazed out on Lake Albert and named it after Queen Victoria’s consort in 1864. Along the way, the trail follows the shores of Lake Albert and takes in wonders like the Victoria Nile’s Murchison Falls, a thunderous gush through a 20-foot-wide gap in a gorge with a 131-foot drop.

Fisher is in the process of establishing the trail now so that it can officially open to thru-hikers in January 2014, the 150th anniversary of when the Bakers first made the trek. Right now, Fisher’s markers show where current-day hikers can camp along the route in the same spots as the Bakers, though the trip requires expert logistical planning since it traverses spots that rarely see foreign visitors. The trail will also be open to adventure-hungry mountain bikers.

When to Go: Winter months will be best. You can be one of the first to make the trek in January 2014.

About Fisher: A TED Talks speaker and a flag-carrying member of the famed Explorers Club, Julian Monroe Fisher undertook a 345,000-mile trek from 1996 to 2003 that crossed Central America from Mexico to South America, Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East to Russia. He even summited Kilimanjaro on a seldom-used route.

Fisher’s expeditions across the planet have done far more than tick off feats of mega-trekking prowess, however—they are essential aspects of his ethnological and geographic research. His 2007 Colorado African expedition traced the 1928 to 1929 route of Hollywood cinematographer Paul Louis Hoefler. His 2009 to 2010 Katanga Province expeditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo will help establish the Bunkeya Cultural Village that will celebrate and share the culture of the Garanganze with the world and provide economic sustainability for the people. In 2011, Fisher walked coast-to-coast across Africa from Mozambique to Angola, and his 2012-16 RailRiders Great African Expedition will trace the long routes of Victorian explorers on the continent, comparing their documentation of native cultures with the current state of the African world.

November 12th, 2013
Easter Island Jaunt

 Dear RailRiders: 

 I took a short hop over to Easter Island in July.  I took my RailRiders along for the journey.  I've got to tell you that they were great! Easy to carry, easy to clean.  They put up with the most abrasive conditions and still looked good at the end of the day.  Light enough to stay cool in the tropical sun, yet warm enough to ward off the evening breezes.  I highly recommend them.  I'm still not sure which of the Moai has the bigger gut: Hoto Matua or me. 

R. Teegarden


October 24th, 2013
Love the Explorer Shirt

 I just love the new Explorer shirt, its indestructible!!!! Over the last month i have worn it in the jungles of SE Asia, washed it in the shower in a Singapore hotel and wore it drip dry into a business meeting. Toured around Europe in it and i'm now running around the streets of Iraq body guarding with it on my back. Top shirt, looks great even after the toughest day.  Thanks, Gary Humphrey - Star of Car VS Wild.

October 23rd, 2013
Sun and Cars


I am the Controller and HR Director for Yokem Toyota in Shreveport, LA.  One of our employees, Ron Cooper, is out in the sun all day long, washing the vehicles on our lot.  The sun was almost unbearable for him until I purchased several EcoMesh shirts for him, and several pairs of wicking shorts.  He has been very please with the clothing, and has found the sun to be tolerable with the proper clothing.  Thanks,  Sarah Wilkerson


October 16th, 2013
The Empty Quarter Expedition
Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron Expedition across this barren land

 Wilfred Thesiger was one of the greatest British adventurers and travel writers of the past century. He was one of my earliest heroes. His tough expeditions to the planet's wildest corners and his crisp, sparse writing style both appealed to me in the early days when I first began setting off on adventures of my own. 
We -Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron- embarked on a journey in search of Wilfred Thesiger, an expedition deep into the fabled Empty Quarter desert (the Rub 'al Khali), attempting to walk 1000 miles through The Sands in Wilfred Thesiger's legendary footsteps.  We will be kitted out entirely in RailRiders Clothing for the Journey.


A Meaningless Penance? Teaser Clip from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

October 16th, 2013
Railriders Versatac Shirt
Another Bull-eye as the Versatac shirt sells out in 2 months

 More Will be available in Late January, early February.  Get a sneek peak of it's funcitons here.


October 15th, 2013
30 Days of Adventure
With Amanda Brown and Gary Humphreys

What happens when you put a Beauty Queen into the jungle with a British Special forces guy? See what SHE (me) says! Our 30 Days of Adventure start in November. What happens when you put a British Special Forces soldier into the jungle with Amanda?!? See what HE says! Our 30 Days of Adventure start in November. 

Team RailRiders Members, Amanda Brown and Gary Humphreys are going to travel adventurously through every part of Costa Rica taking you from a remote, rustic campsite in the rain forest to a luxury villa overlooking the ocean all in RailRiders Gear.


His biggest dare to her: achieving enough jumps in one day to become a certified skydiver. She said yes.(She’s still working on her dare for him. After all, he’s done it all…she’s going to have to get creative!)

Each day starting November 24, both the Solider and the Beauty will share their side of the adventure with you. He told her that he was a better writer, photographer and looked much better on camera. She just smiled and winked. You get to be the judge. You get to help create a challenge. You get to follow along and cheer for your favorite.

What you will read is what happens when two daring adventurers “show and tell” as they travel the countryside, villages and cities of Costa Rica.  Check back here and on Amanda's site  It's gonna be a wild ride.


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