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Peace River Pullover
Peace River Pullover

Peace River Pullover

Was: $89.00   Now: $48.95
Weight: 14.0 oz
Item #: PRP
  • 100% quilted polyester
  • High stand-up collar for warmth
  • Horn rimmed buttons
  • Split tail for comfort and fit

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Peace River, originally named Peace River Crossing, and known as the Rivière-la-Paix in French.  Peace River is a 1,923-kilometer-long river that originates in the Rocky Mountains of northern BC and flows to the northeast through northern Alberta. A sight to see, your outdoor paradise. It’s late November and as morning dawns you push back the curtains of your rustic cabin to reveal light snow falling on your 30 acre Alpaca farm nestled along the river banks - how dramatic! As you rub the salt from your eyes, and glance at your Titanium timepiece, reading 0600 hrs, it’s time for the herd to be moved to find more grass to feed on for the day.  A quick cup of coffee and you grab your Lined Kodiak pants (pg TBD) and your new Peace River Pullover to keep you toasty warm as you hop aboard your 4 stroke Kawasaki snowmobile and head for the hills. This is the life! This stunning top has a high collar and full quilting, offering incredibly high warmth, not to mention a very alpha silhouette.  Not everyone can have this lifestyle, but y’all can all have this pullover, it’s that nice. 

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Peace River Pullover Reviews
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This is a nice pullover that has enough class to dress you uprather than down as a normal sweatshirt does. It is well made and does not overheat you as you would think with the waffle knit.

Excellent quality especially at the discounted price. This item is great for layering in the cold but also has a great skin feel when being worn inside. Fit was good. (M for 5 10 180).

I wasn't quite clear how I would like this shirt as it's quite different from my other RailRider tops. I thought it would be a nice alternative to a sweater and warmer than a long sleeve shirt. It's meeting those objectives and I'm still experimenting on the environmental conditions in which I'd use this particular top but so far nice warmth for office work when I'm not moving around much and for light exercise it doesn't get too hot as it doesn't seem to vent as well as a wool sweater might but then it keeps more of the wind off -- so a nice alternative. It is a bit bulkier than my icebreaker tops and would never replace the adventure tops but it's another great tool in my clothing toolbox. My wife thinks it looks good too which is a big plus

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