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Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2016

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2016! The holiday season is upon us! Winter is a time of year for giving, and if your man loves the outdoors, we know what he'll love. Enjoy this list of funky and fun gadgets; some will help you survive, others will just make...

The Azores: A Well-Kept Travel Secret

If there’s one tip I’ve learned while traveling, it’s that the advice of others can sometimes offer the best path forward. My wife and I spent months fretting about travel plans for our honeymoon, going over different options and places neither of us had been...

TrailBlazers: A Letter From Gary Humphrey

RailRiders Adventure Clothing does what it says. Yes it’s the toughest clothing on the planet. Designed by people who know the outdoors. I had to laugh at RailRiders' comment on my FaceBook Gary Humphrey link about my show, ‘we weren’t super involved- check out the...

InsectShield: Protect Yourself From Zika and Lyme

There’s a new insect-borne virus in town: Zika. Well, actually, it was discovered in 1947 and is a rare, equatorial virus most often contracted from mosquitoes. It is spread by daytime Aedes mosquitoes and is related to dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, and Japanese...

Walk the Masar: Leon Returns to the Trail

Not all adventures are pulled off without a hitch, and how we deal with adversity can be one of the biggest factors in the success of any expedition. Such is the lesson learned by our “Walk the Masar” crew, Leon McCarron and Dave Cornthwaite. After setting out in late...

Spring 16 Preview, Part 2!

Welcome back to part 2 of our Spring 2016 Product Preview. Click here for Part 1. All items are available for pre-sale on (or click the "shop" tab in the top right of this page). The name of each item links to their product page as well. Men's Too...

RailRiders Spring 2016 New Releases!

We are excited to announce a large expansion of our product line in Spring 2016, especially on the women's side! We have spent a full year planning and testing these products and they are now available for pre-sale! All products are in production currently and will be...

Walk The Masar: New Expedition from Leon McCarron

Press Release 23rd November 2015 Leon McCarron is back again for his third official RailRiders-sponsored expedition! One year after departing for the Rio Santa Cruz in Patagonia, Leon is heading out again on an intriguing new project. In early December 2015, British...

Gary Humphrey: Adventure on the Serengeti

To be multi skilled in the film industry on the Serengeti plains is ‘no bad thing.' Running safety, scouting forward, covering medical emergencies and recovering vehicles: it means that my team is on its own, thinking on our feet and always problem solving. In the...

In Memory of Bill Katovsky

Around 15 years ago, RailRiders ran into a problem. At the Outdoor Retailer show, North Face had just released a product line that was a virtual carbon copy of the innovated synthetic outdoor products that RailRiders had been selling for around a decade. Offering...

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