About Us

We always get the same question: what are “RailRiders”?

25 years ago, RailRiders was born as a synthetic alternative for professional sailors, the brave men and women who “rode the rails” of racing yachts, also known as “railmeat.” We started in the sea, but since expanded to perform in any environment. We set out to make the finest and most durable technical apparel, and our close attention to quality and detail has been our apparel’s signature ever since. RailRiders is the go-to clothing for ocean sailors, desert ultra-runners, jungle trekkers, fly fishing guides, long trail thru-hikers, and intrepid explorers everywhere. Our clothes have paddled across the Atlantic, walked the length of the Amazon, crossed the Gobi desert, traveled Africa on foot, and many other unbelievable adventures.

Planet Wild is the companion blog for RailRiders Adventure Clothing. Here you will find updates on our Team RailRiders Athletes and Explorers, information about the expeditions we support, tips and tricks to enhance your outdoor experience, and information about the coolest gear available. Founded by Bill Katovsky, author and editor of a dozen books and our in-house catalog copywriter, Planet Wild is the perfect place to find out about a new adventure or to find inspiration from a fearless explorer.

We welcome you here to read a few stories, learn something new, and check out our gear. We hope you enjoy our blog, and spend some time in our shop! The athletes we support amaze us daily and we hope they amaze you, too. Thanks for coming to Planet Wild!


jd_cockpit1Carpe Diem,

John d’Arbeloff

Founder and President of RailRiders