Empty Quarter Crossing 2013 Photo Gallery

In 2013, former National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Alastair Humphreys linked up with a young up and coming explorer by the name of Leon McCarron with one of the most ambitious goals in modern adventuring: a solo, self supported crossing of the world’s largest sand desert, the Empty Quarter, located on the Arabian Peninsula. Following famous British explorer Wilfred Thesinger, who famously took multiple trips through the Empty Quarter, Alastair and Leon hoped to recapture some of Thesinger’s spirit as well as follow in the footsteps of a hero, and completing a journey that took them back in time. The expedition, too low-budget to support horse packing, instead relied on manpower. Leon and Alastair pulled a 300kg home made metal cart, filled with water and food to last them months as they toiled through the sand. This epic, 1000 KM journey is also recounted in the film Into the Empty Quarter, which was nominated for several outdoor film awards in 2014. Check out our photo gallery to see stunning imagery from the expedition, and get a feel of what it would be like to cross through a veritable ocean of sand.


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