Gary Humphrey: Tanzania

Gary Humphrey is a former member of the British Special Forces, so you know his skills are valuable. As the former survival expert onĀ Car vs. Wild, he also knows a thing or two about taking vehicles out where there is no support available if something goes wrong. So when a TV production team wants to spend, say, ~45 days on the Serengeti scouting and filming a program on Wildebeest migrations, Gary is the guy to call. During his adventure in Tanzania, Gary assisted in disassembling poacher camps, keeping the vehicles running through hell and high water, and generally keeping the 124 people and 23 vehicles safe throughout the six week, 3500 mile journey. After the job was done, Gary’s family joined him for a few weeks of leisure – hanging out with the local Hazda tribe, hunting monkeys, and exploring the beautiful, bountiful Serengeti and all of it’s wildlife (and not shooting any lions). He brought us back these breathtaking pictures to share!

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