Great African Expedition Phase Four: Photo Gallery 2015

In January of 2015, Julian Monroe Fisher embarked on Phase Four (of seven) of his “Great African Expedition.” Phase Four, an Explorer’s Club sanctioned research expedition, took Fisher deep into the remote Karamoja region of Uganda. There he completed an anthropological survey of the region’s natives, known as the Karamajong. Fisher’s focus was on the traditional, nomadic subsistence farming way of life that is still practiced by many in the rural parts of the region, and how it is being modernized through the use of modern technology in the global age. Additionally, it was an opportunity to check out some of Uganda’s most beautiful places, including the Kidepo Valley and a few of the region’s sizable mountains.┬áThis is the expedition gallery from Phase Four, which follow Julian both on visits with locals and captures some of the astounding natural beauty.


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