Carolina Rivers

Education and Preservation through Exploration


Building cavity nesting boxes for endangered Parrots in Africa.

Explore-Trees: Cape Parrot Nesting Boxes in South Africa

In 2013, Amorentia Estate, in Limpopo Province, South Africa, partnered with Explore-Trees in order to attempt an ambitious cavity nesting box program designed to help bolster the endangered population of the Cape Parrot. Explore-Trees, fresh off an exploratory...

Up the Rio Santa Cruz

Sensing a closing window of opportunity for a dream expedition, intrepid adventurer Leon McCarron sent a hasty email to RailRiders Adventure Clothing at the beginning of November in search of gear and sponsorship for a last-minute adventure. The Rio Santa Cruz, a...

About RailRiders Green: Environmental Initiatives

The world is not as it once was. The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Wilderness is disappearing. The extinction rate is skyrocketing. To be a part of our industry and not recognize what is happening to our planet is foolish. We are committed to being a...