Rio Santa Cruz Expedition 2014: Photo Gallery

Sensing a closing window of opportunity for a dream expedition, intrepid adventurer Leon McCarron sent a hasty email to RailRiders Adventure Clothing at the beginning of November in search of gear and sponsorship for a last-minute adventure. The Rio Santa Cruz, a crystal blue ribbon that winds its way through the plains that stretch from the Atlantic coast of Patagonia to the Andean Mountains in the west, is one of the few remaining large rivers in the area that remains uninterrupted sea to source. Starting in 2015, this will change, as construction on the Jorge Ceperni and the Nestor Kirchner hydroelectric dams will begin, flooding a large chunk of the river valley¬†and making such an upriver trip virtually impossible and inauthentic. For Leon, this was an opportunity to be the last in a long line of famous names to travel the winding waters, and in it a unique opportunity to see the land in a different light. Here is the Photo Gallery from Leon’s expedition.


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