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Sundowner Shirt

Sundowner Shirt

Sundowner Shirt

Weight: 9.0 oz
Item #: MBFWLS
  • Lightweight and soft nylon polyester fabric
  • Roll up sleeves with tabs
  • 2 button front pockets

ChambrayFaded Coral

It had been a hot and sweaty day on the water.  You drop the hook on your 45’ Ketch and set the anchor.  After a refreshing freshwater deck wash, you settle for an icy cold IPA while contemplating what to wear to the regatta beach party.  The Sundowner is that shirt, not too elegant and not to casual, just right. Combined with your off white Jammin Shorts, your wrinkle free, quick dry sundowner shirt fits the bill.  Your inflatable chariot awaits, and you dingy across the harbor with anticipation.  It’s a good lifestyle, you deserve it.

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