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The Proper Sailor Sweater

The Proper Sailor Sweater

The Proper Sailor Sweater

Weight: 18.0 oz
Item #: PSS
  • Made with Sea Wool
  • Crushed Oyster Shells, Recycled Plastic and wool
  • Born from the sea

Blue Grey

As I was walking down an abandoned old wharf in Newport Rhode Island, I came across an old salt carving a seal from a piece of driftwood. Scraggy beard, ragged trousers, yet a remarkably attractive wool sweater.  It seemed out of place until I sat down to hear his tale.  “Son, the sea is many things to our population, first being sustenance of life, second being a vast plain of adrenaline adventure to explore and finally, sadly, a massive abyss where pollution is mounting at rapid rates.”  “So, what does that have to do with your sweater, I asked” “Aye, he said, here is the rub, my sweater is made from discarded oyster shells and recycled plastic and spun into what’s called Sea-Wool.  Now I may be old and past my time but living my whole life on the ocean certainly allows me to give something back to it. Now as I understand it, the upcycled oyster shells are mixed with recycled plastic bottles and ground into a fine powder then spun into Sea-Wool. This unique textile provides several benefits including being naturally anti-odor and providing insulation to stay warm in cold weather, clever eh.  Well now, that’s a tale from an old man and his sea.

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