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The Proper Sailor Sweater
The Proper Sailor Sweater

The Proper Sailor Sweater

Weight: 18.0 oz
Item #: PSS
  • Made with Sea Wool
  • Crushed Oyster Shells, Recycled Plastic and wool
  • Born from the sea

As I was walking down an abandoned old wharf in Newport Rhode Island, I came across an old salt carving a seal from a piece of driftwood. Scraggy beard, ragged trousers, yet a remarkably attractive wool sweater.  It seemed out of place until I sat down to hear his tale.  “Son, the sea is many things to our population, first being sustenance of life, second being a vast plain of adrenaline adventure to explore and finally, sadly, a massive abyss where pollution is mounting at rapid rates.”  “So, what does that have to do with your sweater, I asked” “Aye, he said, here is the rub, my sweater is made from discarded oyster shells and recycled plastic and spun into what’s called Sea-Wool.  Now I may be old and past my time but living my whole life on the ocean certainly allows me to give something back to it. Now as I understand it, the upcycled oyster shells are mixed with recycled plastic bottles and ground into a fine powder then spun into Sea-Wool. This unique textile provides several benefits including being naturally anti-odor and providing insulation to stay warm in cold weather, clever eh.  Well now, that’s a tale from an old man and his sea.

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so far looks very nice on and fits well not too saggy as most sweaters these days. hope it doesn't pill too badly as most do also these days machine washed once inside out and put in dryer came out fine no shrink.