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Bahston Blazah
Bahston Blazah

Bahston Blazah

Weight: 18.0 oz
Item #: MBLZ
  • Elegant and stylish travel blazer
  • made of polyester and elastane
  • 4 button front
  • Stand up collar
  • inside zippered security pocket
  • Crimson taffeta lining
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Boston (aka Bahston) is the home of the Lobstah, the Cah, the packie, being wicked smaaht and Hahvid Yaahd. It is the City of the lost “r”.  Boston also has a lot of Character, history, and wicked smart professors. If you have never been to Boston, never seen the Red Sox, never paaked ya Cah, or eaten a lobstah roll for suppah. We think it’s time pay us a visit. Boston is also a city of classics, whether it be Baked Beans, jimmies, grinders and of course Harvard Square.  Now, with so many universities around, Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Northeastern, BU, U-Mass etc, you see a lot of men in Blazahs. Blazers look sophisticated and keep you warm on a cold fall day.  It’s September and the foliage is beginning to show it’s colors.  It’s the perfect time to come for a visit.  AND, here is a great new Travel Blazer to wear in the spirit of this great city, The Bahston Blazah, it’s wicked pissah!

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