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RailRiders technical lightweight jackets and sweaters offer the latest in techonological advancements to ensure you are prepared for anything. Our pullover jackets and insulated, warm sweaters utilize high tech fabrics that offer ultimate breathability and wicking for comfort. Stay protected in a range of conditions you encounter in your adventurous pursuits. From hiking and trekking to casual travel, our cold weather jackets and sweathers will keep you comfortable conveniently and without the added weight.

Bahston Blazah Bahston Blazah

Pine River Pullover Pine River Pullover

The Highwayman Jacket The Highwayman Jacket

The Windicator The Windicator
Was $125.00   Now $79.00

Ultralighter Rain Shell Ultralighter Rain Shell

Gentlemen's Woolen Vest Gentlemen's Woolen Vest

The Squall Shell The Squall Shell
Was $195.00   Now $155.00

Mad River Mock Tee Mad River Mock Tee