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Our clothes are made in several places: the island of Mauritius, Colombia, and China.

Mauritius is a small island east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. It has one of the freest economies in the world, making it a great place for investment, and has a bustling middle class. Mauritius has become known for its textile manufacturing as a high-quality, economical, and more socially prudent alternative to Asia. We have fallen in love with our Mauritius manufacturers for their high-quality stitching work and their innovative fabrics.

Our higher-volume clothing is made in China. We have been working with the same manufacturing company for over 15 years. They own their own factories and also make clothing for companies like Keen, REI, Mountain Khakis, and Arborwear. Because they own their own factories, we know that our production facilities are well-maintained to well above the normal standard in Asia.

Our knits (the Adrenaline-T and Sun Guard Shirt) are made in Bogota, Colombia, by a company that also manufactures everything in-house. Bogota offers duty free exporting making it an economical place to produce without leaving the Americas.

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