Customer Service

Searching for Products

We have designed our website to make it as easy as possible for you to place an order. When shopping online with us, there are numerous ways to find the right items from multiple search functions to simply browsing through our merchandise assortment.

Our Product Search engine allows you to search the site by keyword(s), product number or product name.

Here are several hints to help you find your products faster:

  • Results are ordered by relevence to your search terms. The best matching products will appear first.
  • If only one product is found, you will be taken directly to that product page.
  • Searches are not case sensitive: "DreSs" will find "dress".
  • Plural words are converted to singular words: "shoes" searches for "shoe", "pants" for "pant" to increase the likelihood of a match.
  • For a more detailed search, or to change the way the search-engine works, use our Advanced Search

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