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Bear Creek Bomber Hat

Bear Creek Bomber Hat

Bear Creek Bomber Hat

Weight: 5.0 oz
Item #: RRBH
  • Quick-drying / Insulated
  • hear easier though the small ear holes in each side
  • Lined with a quilted insulated crown and rabbit fur for absurb warmth
  • adjustable crown and ear flaps
  • 100% oxford nylon shell


We laugh at them, how silly they look, who would buy one? Well, we’re here to tell you this; we tested this hat screaming at 50 miles per hour across a frozen lake in Bear Creek Alaska on an ice boat (think coffin with blades and a sail.) Well, we don’t laugh anymore and they look downright cool, we think. But most of all, we are pretty sure this is the warmest piece of head wear you will find this side of Siberia. Made with a great nylon oxford fabric for warmth and toughness. Lined with a quilt-ed insulated crown, and rabbit fur for absurd warmth. Adjustable ear and crown flaps, and a chin strap with a buckle to keep you secure.  Ice boat lessons are extra.

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