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Gentleman's Woolen Sweater
Gentleman's Woolen Sweater

Gentleman's Woolen Sweater

Weight: 15.0 oz
Item #: GWS
  • Luxurious, rich, super warm spun wool/poly/nylon
  • 3 button front
  • High Stand-up collar that embraces your neck

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You’ve decided to trace your lineage of Scottish dignitaries.  You have grown up with family stories of Scottish castles, knights, jousting, and of relatives reigning over large masses of land while tending to Scottish sheep and gazing at the Minke Wales in the bay.  A truly romantic vision of your past lineage.  It’s time to put some truth to these far-off tales.  It is November in the highlands, cold, windy, and raw.  You grab your new Weekender Bag for a 5-day trip to chase history.  You choose your warm clothes for the journey.  Pants are lined to the cuff, warm flannel shirt and your NEW Gentlemen’s Woolen Sweater made from yarn spun from the wool of the Scottish Blackface sheep.  They’re elegant, super warm and they ooze royalty, something you hope to discover in your past.  Everyone needs these, royalty or not.

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Used in one hike so far. Will use it more in the fall and winter days that aren't cold enough for a jacket. High quality like all Railriders products.