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Love of Adventure Belt
Love of Adventure Belt

Love of Adventure Belt

Weight: 6.0 oz
Item #: RBLOA
  • 1.5 inch beefy tough nylon webbing
  • sturdy metal buckle with LOA
  • a quick and easy release hook

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Meet our new Love of Adventure web Belt.Made with a beefy 1-1/2 inch wide nylon webbing with a sturdy metal buckle that sports a clever quick release for all of you TSA travellers.  Adorned with the LOA logo, this belt will not only keep your pants up but  with adventurous style!

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Nice concept belt good quality material. Only issue may be the belt hook and material loop it fits into is very difficult to undo. The hole in the loop should be a bit larger. I am concrned that over a short period of time the hook in trying to undo will abbrade the fabric of the belt and cause a permature failure.