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Safe Passage Shirt

Safe Passage Shirt

Safe Passage Shirt

Weight: 9.0 oz
Item #: SPS
  • quick drying, super soft Cool-max cotton for warmth and comfort
  • stylish stand up collar and straight hem
  • 4 button front with single chest pocket

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It was a dark and stormy night and the wind was blowing a force 8 gale. Not a night at sea for a landlubber. Your 4 a.m. watch rings eight bells as you climb out of your bunk only to hear the wind and feel your vessel being tossed around like a toy. Life of a sailboat captain is not always wine and roses. While searching through your seabag, you discover your Safe Passage Shirt, a shirt with a long seafaring pedigree. Made with a plush quick-dry Coolmax Cotton that feels warm against the skin and super soft to the touch. Four button front with stand up collar and a nice handy pocket for your reading glasses for when there is a need to make a lat-long dead reckoning check for positioning. No GPS on this vessel, strictly old school here. You don your foulies and deck boots, a watch cap to keep the noggin warm and step through the companion way to the ocean in all its fury. You exchange looks with the man at the helm and take over at the wheel. You steam west across the gulfstream, as your shift partner descends into the warmth of the cabin, he turns and says “Safe passage, mate” and retires to his bunk. The Safe Passage shirt loves adventure and so do you. Epilogue: boats in harbors are safe, but that’s not what boats were built for.

Safe Passage Shirt Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars (9 reviews)

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More than I'd usually pay for a casual shirt but being confident in the quality of Rail Riders' products decided to give the Safe Passage Shirt a try. 5 stars because (i) the fit is perfect - roomy without being sloppy (ii) extremely comfortable to wear - the material is not flimsy but is wonderfully soft (iii) build quality - well cut and stitched I'll be surprised if buttons come loose anytime soon and (iv) I have received more compliments on this shirt than ever before... This may be a reflection on my overall sartorial ineptitude but if this shirt can generate compliments on me then it's going to make any wearer look good. Will be buying again.

From RailRiders: Love it!

Great shirt wears well good fit. Glad I got it.Holds up well to outdoor use as well as indoor .

Got this shirt in XL and it fit perfectly everywhere but the neck which was too tight to button the top button. By the way who buttons top button on this style shirt. Normally I have to buy a tall shirt but this shirt was great. Fabric is very soft. Excellent quality on all the sewing of seams. Felt like it was a bit expensive though.

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