"Where the Trail Ends" Film Trailer: ‬Biking Big Mountains

"Where the Trail Ends" Film Trailer: ‬Biking Big Mountains

Mountain biking came of age in the steep, heavily wooded areas of Marin County, but that seemed like a long time ago. There’s now a small group of uber-extreme off-road daredevils who seek out remote areas of the world where they challenge the limits of gravity and common sense. “Where the Trail Ends” is a new documentary film that was bankrolled by Red Bull and some others. Riders trek in or get helo’d into mountainous regions with their bikes. Then it’s all about biking “big mountains.” At around the 2-minute mark of this must-see film trailer is when the action really kicks into high gear. Planet Wild has never seen off-road footage like this before.


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  1. Cody Marsh

    I’m a downhill/freerider myself and I must say i’m super stoked for this documentary. It’s been awhile since anything of this caliber has came out for bikers. The last epic downhill film can be traced back to ROAM: the collective and SEASONS.(http://www.thecollectivefilm.com/roam/index_roam.html) ROAM was shot on old school 16mm film that gave it a wonderful look.
    Judging off of the trailer and RedBull sponsorship this is probably going to look and feel a lot like the “Art of Flight”. Similar in awesomeness and equally as jaw dropping, Art of Flight follows a group of big mountain snowboarders- it’s worth a look as well (http://artofflightmovie.com/). “Where the Trail Ends” is downloading in my itunes que and I can’t wait to watch- thanks for sharing Planet Wild.


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