Team RailRiders
Ben Moisen


Born and raised on Powder Mountain, Utah, Ben has been skiing since he could walk. While he started off ski racing, he quickly discovered that freestyle and big mountain skiing were his passions. He’s competed on multiple US freestyle circuits but today focuses on his studies at Weber State. Ben’s favorite thing in the world is to wake up to two feet of freshies, and then to spend that day shredding it. An adrenaline junkie, Ben loves charging steep runs, sending cliffs, and questioning if he’s going to land the next line.

Ben takes joy in the 50+ days of skiing he gets in each year, and tries to travel as much as possible. His home away from home is Hood River, Oregon, although, averaging over 500 inches of snow a year, Powder Mountain is pretty hard to beat. You won't find many people that take as much joy in alpine adventures as Ben.

When it’s not winter, Ben enjoys pursuing his other hobby, windsurfing, and leaping off of things. Wherever he is, he’s probably doing something inadvisable, and we love it.

Whats Next:

Ben is coming off of a gruesome knee injury and is eyeing a full rehab by day 1 of the ski season. He might be taking it slow, but more likely not. He’ll be out there.