Team RailRiders
Todd Phillips


As an over forty “enjoy-ance” athlete, I do my best to strive to accomplish random and interesting adventures that the people in my life can also enjoy vicariously. I have always had an adventuresome spirit, but I come from a time when there was no "label" for it all. It's just what you did: you went out and played with dirt.

Whether it be cycling, hiking, or any other outdoor pursuit, I was game. As I explored more, I began to notice others doing similar pursuits, read more and more books about hobos and vagabonds, and also found a reason to renew my passport. I found that there was more to the world than just my little corner of it.

I've cycled the length of the Pacific Coast Highway, hiked the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, spent three weeks trundling to Everest Base Camp the long way, was the first to bisect Sweden by SUP along the Gota Canal, hiked along the spine of the Andes from Ecuador to Peru to get to Machu Picchu , and walked out my front door and turned  left....when the sensible choice was to go right.

I guess that is really what it comes down to; getting outside in whatever form or function that presents itself.  That is where you will find me on most days. So when you see a 1.84 metre, 104 kg smiling guy lumbering by….just say “Howdy”.  I would like that. 

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Current Adventure:  

·         Nepal- Fall/Winter 2014: Nomads Clinic

RailRiders Gear:

·         Backcountry Khakis

·         Explorer Shirt

·         ThermaWool Top

·         VersaTac Ultralight Shorts

·         VersaTac Ultralight Pants