Women's Old Eco-Mesh Shirt
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Adventurous Shirt!

Dixie Patterson - AZ
Hey John, Hope you enjoy the photos half as much as I enjoyed wearing the shirt! I look forward to getting the other 2 shirts I ordered! I'm looking for adventurous things to do just so I can wear the shirts! I just finished Ironman Arizona and wish I could have worn your shirt there!   Cheers!,   Dixie

Nothing Fishy about RailRiders

Nicole Boand, Silverdale, WA
"My husband and I belong to a lodge down in the Amazon, Brazil where we fish for peacock bass every year. The world record peacock bass was 27 lbs. I have several fish over 23 lbs. with my largest 26 lb. Fishermen down there are frequently from the Southern states. Many have been intrigued with our RailRiders gear. We see a great deal of other brands. but We have found nothing better for this part of the world and the fabrics you use are quite repellent to fish smell and blood."

Beating the Desert Heat

Mary Gorski, Milwaukee, WI
It was not a dark and stormy night. Instead, it was a "balmy" 115-degree morning, with the sun shining, and temperature still rising. Warm, yes! But wilting -not And why? Because I was wearing my brand new RailRiders' Eco-Mesh top. This was my first item of RailRiders'clothing and it was purchased in preparation for crewing a runner at Badwater - a 135-mile run that begins in Death Valley (at Badwater) and goes along a sweltering, sand-swept blacktop to Mt. Whitney. This year, our crew experienced temperatures as high as 129 degrees Fahrenheit. A meat thermometer stuck in the ground measured at 152 degrees. And we knew the blacktop was even hotter - hot enough to literally put a frying pan on the road and fry an egg. It was my first experience in such heat - beyond an indoor sauna. I thought it counter-intuitive to wear long sleeves - wouldn't they be hot? But fellow crew mates insisted, and so I got the Eco-Mesh Shirt And gosh darn it if they weren't right. Uncovered, my arms just sizzled in the sun. With the shirt, it was still warm, but quite a bit more tolerable. Yahoo!!!! I am a RailRiders convert. I love the shirt. In fact, everyone on the crew loved my shirt and wanted the web link to order his or her own - including the medical director of the race who was ecstatic to learn that you had small sizes (she and I are both around 5 feet tall and have a hard time finding good clothes that fit)."