Women's Weatherpants with Insect Shield
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I LOVE my pants...

Kim Bailey, Hillsborough, NC
I'm happy to say I LOVE my pants.  I work in a formalenvironment so I wear a suit everyday and I'm always looking for theultimate in comfortable clothes for the weekend that can stand up to my activities.  I'm embarassed to say but I think you will find this usefull that I actually slept in them the first night I got them and then proceeded to wear them all weekend.  I went hiking, to home depot, mowed the lawn, etc. I put them on after mtn biking so I didn't have to drive home in my lycra. Anyway, I bought them to take on a 10 day hiking trip to glacier in july and didn't expect to wear them until then... Things that were really cool:The cinch waste is neat, I didn't know it was a feature until i got thepants but when i had my lycra on my pants kept slipping down so i justcinched them tighter.  that will be great when i wear compression tightson the hike in the event it gets cold. pockets were great, the hidden pocket is really cool and i like the placement of the pocket on the leg.the pants are loose but not baggy, can't figure out why but the crotchisn't too long and the cut around the hips is awesome. just like your shorts i can't feel the seams which is amazing, not sure how you do that.