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Men's Last Chance Belt™
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Men's Last Chance Belt™

Weight: 6.0 oz
Item #: RRLCB
  • Double layer of 1 1/2" Nylon Webbing
  • High strength aircraft V-ring buckle
  • Sturdy Velcro Closure
  • RailRiders logo etched on buckle face
  • Strong enough to carry a full range of accessories, tools, weapons
  • Made in USA
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The new Last Chance heavy duty web belt is one tough hombre. Inspired by the belts used by Wild Land Firefighters and Smoke Jumpers. Made with double thickness 1 1/2 webbing,  Place the end of the belt through the buckle then seal it down to the 10 inches of Velcro strip that is stitched to the belt. Lock and load.

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Men's Last Chance Belt™ Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)

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Stout... secure... ready. Way more that I thought that I had purchased. that says something considering RailRider quality.

As other reviewers have noted this belt is supremely strong and sturdy. It also wears surprisingly comfortably considering the heft and thickness. The men's small is still a bit large on my 31" waist but the velcro tail end still attaches to the main belt sufficiently. As a sailor I'm reasonably certain that in extremis I could clip into a lifeline or padeye from the buckle and remain safely aboard. Not much more to say about it Super strong. Comfortable.

When I first received this belt I thought RR had made a mistake and sent me a recovery strap used to pull bulldozers out of mud holes. This bad boy must have a breaking strain of atleast 5 tons. Popped it onto my RR Versatec light shorts and its instantly more comfortable. The buckle is made from something that's easily tougher than nails and maybe even could deflect high speed bullets - I'm serious This is the male version of the Wonder Woman belt from 1976. If you get stuck or lost or need to wrestesome wild game to survive them whip this baby off and hog tie any critter you like including grizzly bears. Quality and mind blowing strength from tip to tip.....and that buckle.