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Men's Short Sleeve Tradewinds Shirt
Men's Short Sleeve Tradewinds Shirt

Men's Short Sleeve Tradewinds Shirt

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The trades are constant winds that blow steadily toward the equator from the northeast in the northern hemisphere or the southeast in the southern hemisphere, especially at sea. With our new Tradwinds Short Sleeve Shirts  made with our high tech Micro-Pore polyester fabric , you can feel these winds blow.  As the fabric is filled with thousands of tiny microscopic holes, the famous trades with caress your torso with cool dry air.  Yup you need one of these.

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Men's Short Sleeve Tradewinds Shirt Reviews
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Pretty much like all your long short sleeved shirts. When I was ultimate backpacking appreciated the light weight ventilation.Older now prefer the zippered side pocket. Please consider putting a larger tab to pull zip up.Also would appreciate larger buttons on all shirts. Love the glasses pocket

I've purchased 4 of these. They are comfortable cool I like the sunglasses pocket and the zippered pocket. Like all RailRiders they are well built the fabric is comfortable and durable and they look good too My wife even likes the color....

Awesome shirt Having lots of rail rider clothes these are my new favorite hot summer shirts. The slightest breeze goes right through the garment and cools you off. I didnt think I would like the collar but it is really distinct and holds its shape well. Just be careful in the direct sunlight tie a bandana around your neck and youre good. Picked these up on sale and a good deal. I even like the long sleeve even better the elastic sleeve with snaps gives you many options to roll up the sleeves in addition to the sleeve tabs. I really like these shirts for the hot summer days. Only improvement I would make is to have more color choices. Well done

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