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Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant

Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant

Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant

Weight: 16.0 oz
Item #: XTP2
  • Voted Best of the Best 2010 - Field and Stream
  • NEW! 30" inseams available
  • 2ply 3oz nylon shell
  • Reinforced at seat, knees and inside ankle
  • Fully gusseted crotch
  • Side zippered security pocket
  • 2 side zippered cargo pockets
  • 2 zippered back pockets
  • Removeable belt
  • Great cuff closure system
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Because your wilderness DNA is calibrated to an action-oriented pitch, RailRiders is constantly seeking to make life more enjoyable for those of you who like to trek through steamy jungle swamps, traverse glacier fields, or wonder why the bus hasn't arrived at the Moroccan oasis in two days. In the wild, you want to have the toughest pants in the world as your companion, reliable, durable, and low-maintenance. With the redesigned X-Treme Adventure Pants which now offer a better and more roomy fit, you have found the ultimate adventure travel buddy. The X-Treme's fabric chassis remains the same sturdy and dependable Weatherpants--lightweight, tough, quick-drying nylon fabric, with rugged, super abrasion-resistant fabric on the butt and knees and inside cuff. Here's further new refinements: Full inseam gusseted crotch, 1 3/4 inch waistband with removable belt; two welted zippered back pockets; two side zippered cargo pockets on each outer leg; much deeper front pockets with reinforced pocket trim; right side hip vertical security pocket behind front pocket. The only thing not extreme about these wilderness pants, is their affordable price; repeated washings over the years will convince you that it's money well spent since the X-Tremes refuse to live a quiet life indoors. Nor do they ever wear out.

Reason for Being: Our award winning, X-Treme pant for hardcore expeditions. These are birthed to be the most rugged, durable, and comfortable pants you can find. In order to improve durability, we have increased the size of the reinforcements on the knees.

Fabric: 2 ply, 3 ounce nylon. Our standard fabric is the perfect combination of toughness, quick drying, and breathability.

Elastic Cuff Closure: Allows seamless integration of pants into hiking boots/gaiters, or to keep your pants from bunching under waders.

Hidden Pockets: Side thigh pockets open with a hidden zipper, ensuring extra storage without the risk of snagging or catching.

RAILTEX Reinforcement: Railtex is the reinforcement nylon we put on most of our pants, similar to Cordura®. It is highly abrasion resistant and water resistant and is a second layer of defense. We reinforce the highest-impact areas of your pant: the knees, ankles, and butt, to ensure they last forever.

Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars (20 reviews)

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These were the first pants I purchased from Railriders though I have purchased more types since then. Over the last several years I have liked these more and more and they have held up very well. They are comfortable and have pockets in all the right places. I would likely buy these again but with one hesitationThese and other RR pants are offered in large with choices of 30 and 33 inch inseams (unless you get the taller ones). 33 is too long for me and 30 is almost too short. I have never felt like that the length on any of my RR pants was right for me or I would own 5 more pairs. I may still buy another pair or two or perhaps never again until they get a size between 30 and 33. We will see.

In the past few years I have worn these pants building a debris hut outfitting a tree house hiking up a creek repeated times to build another hut to drink rum and smoke cigars overlooking said creek while falling in an icy river on several dinner dates fly fishing like the obsessed maniac I am at several poetry readings a couple of book launches with a sport coat without a sport coat and driving two-tracks in search of Brook Trout. They are impossible to wear out. I suspect I will take my last trip out of this world in them.

I have owned several Rail Riders items before I tried the Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant. I will compare them directly with the Bushwhacker Weatherpants which I also purchased in the last several months Both the Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant and the Bushwackers are extremely durable and comfortable. I have worn both for competitive sailing hiking yard work etc and the build quality and comfort are up to RailRiders high standards.The knee seat and ankle patches are great. Both pants have all day several days in a row comfort and both come clean easily in the wash and dry quickly. The cloth weight on both is light comfortable and reinforced in the right areas. The fit on the Bushwackers fits my slim build just a bit better The Adventure pants (small 30 inseam) are still a bit baggy on me but very comfortable. I prefer the thigh pocket placement on the Men's X-Treme Adventure Pant it is slightly more to the side whereas the thigh pockets on the Bushwackers are more in front. I like to keep a thin wallet in this pocket and the side is better for me. I prefer the straight cuff on the Bushwacker pants to the elastic ankle on the Adventure Pants for general walking around and wearing UNLESS I am hiking them up into shorts when wading or cooling off in the water. When converting to shorts or more like knickers the Adventure pants elastic cuff and velcro is perfect. The Adventure pants velcro cuff swishes against its mate on the opposite leg when I walk. I prefer the plastic belt loop key fob thing that is present on the Bushwacker pants but is absent on the Adventure Pants. It is great for clipping a water bottle flashlight umbrella etc. I prefer the pocket knife reinforcement on the Bushwacker pants right front pocket but I certainly have not worn out this area of the pocket on the Adventure pants. I find the cell phone pocket on the Bushwackers too far in the back of my leg and I prefer the deep front pockets on the Adventure pants.Both of these pants are outstanding overall and should last for years in tough conditions and daily wear. My wife literally waits until I am asleep to launder them because most of the rest of the time I'm wearing one pair or the other. I recommend without reservation.

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