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The Hampton Half Zip
The Hampton Half Zip

The Hampton Half Zip

Weight: 10.0 oz
Item #: TZP
  • 42% recycled polyester, 38% polyester, 20% cotton
  • Lightweight soft fabric with a ripstop pattern.
  • High stand up collar with 9" zipper
  • Vertical zippered chest pocket for storage
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Half zips have become a staple in every mans wardrobe, especially in the Hamptons, where the size of houses and their respective hedges can be 80 feet tall.  You’re visiting your very rich friend, son of Hotelier of 5 star Michelin hotels and resorts all over the world– how boring, but who’s complaining. You arrive at their 15-bedroom cottage, complete with a 100 meter heated salt water pool and several lit tennis courts.  The afternoon activity is boating, not on daddy’s 200-footer but a 30-foot 1950 mahogany Cris Craft runabout. How awesome.  It’s a cool late summer day. You get into your suit, towel and grab your new Hampton Half zip to ward of the potential chill on the water.  Made with a blend of cotton/polyester, it’s super soft and quite attractive, especially with a tan.  As you make your way to the boathouse, your friends 2 sisters, are gazing at you with dreamy eyes….it could be an epic day. Cheerio!

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