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Ultralighter Rain Shell
Ultralighter Rain Shell

Ultralighter Rain Shell

Weight: 9.0 oz
Item #: URS
  • 100% ultra-light recycled polyester
  • Waterproof with sealed seams
  • Full zippered front with 3 secure zippered pockets
  • Articulated Hood
  • Adjustable straps at cuffs
  • conveniently stuffs into the chest pocket for travel and storage
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It’s the rainy season in the Keys off southern Florida.  You have decided to spend the weekend diving off the Dry Tortugas, a fort that is some 68 miles off Key West, built in 1846 to own and patrol the rich shipping lanes coming through the gulf of Mexico and into Americas heartlands. The Tortugas boast very active reefs and incredible color as well as an abundance of turtles (Tortugas in Spanish).  The ferry ride runs about 2 hours, as you approach these islands you decide to go topside to take in the view.  It’s raining hard, reaching for your new Ultralighter Rain Shell you ascend the stairs.  Your new Ultralighter is made from featherweight nylon with sealed seams and an articulated hood.  Perfect for a squall in the very warm climate of the Keys.  The ultralighter weighs in at a scant 9oz and conveniently folds into its own chest pocket for travel and storage.  Upon docking at the Tortugas, you grab your kit, your Rebreather Diving Tanks filled with Nitrox for long down time and head to the west side to immerse in the warm turquoise waters.  Turtles, fish, gorgeous coral, and all in the rain, how glorious.

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Love it used it 3 times since I bought it 2 weeks ago. Lightweight waterproof zippered pockets including phone and packs into itself. What more can you ask