Crossing the Empty Quarter Desert

RailRiders hits the desert again in Versatacs and Madision River Shirts. We were honored to sponsor Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron on their successful 1000 mile journey across the Empty Quarter Desert. Alastair writes prior to departure: Leon Mccarron and I are going to walk approximately 1000 miles through the Empty Quarter desert in Oman and the UAE. In the 60 years since Thesiger travelled from well to well that nomadic way of life has changed dramatically. The wells are no longer maintained by regular use and the unsupported camel journeys Thesiger took would not be possible today. Therefore we will be hauling a cart containing equipment, food and water. We will resupply with water at settlements every 10 days or so. As well as the adventure, challenge and desert experience, Leon and I are undertaking the journey to create a short documentary film about Wilfred Thesiger, our expedition, and the underlying motivations that see men seeking adventure in exactly the same way, generation after generation. Having completed the trek, Alastair had this to say, "Sorry we got your clothes so dirty!" No problem, Alastair and Leon. Thank you for keeping the soul of adventure alive and well

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