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Zion Zip Tee
Zion Zip Tee

Zion Zip Tee

Was: $69.00   Now: $34.00
Weight: 8.0 oz
Item #: ZZP
  • lightweight 72/28 poly/cotton with Polygiene anti-odor technology
  • quck dry, UPF 50+ sun protection
  • quarter zip for ventilation and easy on/off
  • Great for both performance and casual wear
  • wear more, wash lest
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You have an itch for a road trip adventure.  Somewhere out west where you can get lost in the wilderness, camp under the stars and explore the different elements of the landscape.  Zion was calling, an incredible national park in Utah with waterfalls, slot canyons, incredible climbing, and unimaginable beauty.  It’s Friday and the destination is just 5 hours away.  With luck the tent could be set by 10pm.  You grab your gear bag, filled with clothing essentials for the journey.  Bushwacker WeatherPants, Love of Adventure Socks, and your NEW Zion Zip T.  A great new wicking half-zip made with a quick dry cotton/polyester treated with Polygiene anti-odor technology, a great new addition to your wardrobe.  A short whistle brings your trusty 70 pound Labrador, Duke.  He bounds into the 1979 topless bronco and you head west.  Not knowing is half the fun.

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I've got "athletic" quarter zips (great for sweaty activities) fleece and heavy sweater quarter zips (great for being outdoors on days that don't quite need a jacket or for layering with a windbreaker or rain jacket) but when it came to being indoors in the late fall winter or early spring (when we keep the thermostat set low) the former left me chilled while the latter overheated me (especially if the fireplace was stoked).So it was a revelation when I bought my first Zion Zip Tee back during the 2022 summer sale--it's that perfect middle ground (the Goldilocks zone between too cool and too warm) the fabric is soft and comfortable and it even cleans up with a damp cloth if I spill some food on it (even a little bit of melted dark chocolate cleaned right off).And I'm wearing it right now (on Dec 22 on a 40s day outside) as I'm writing this review. That's not a big surprise--I've ended up wearing my Zion Zip Tee almost every day (usually over a short-sleeve tee sometimes over a long-sleeve tee). In fact I had to buy me a second one just so I would wash my first one more frequentlyAs much as as I love my many purchases from RailRiders this is the item that I wear the most by far.

These shirts are excellent. Light and cool for warmer weather. My wife loved them so much I bought her one as well.