Crossing the Gobi Desert on Foot and by Camel

Crossing the Gobi Desert on Foot and by Camel

In 2011, British-born adventurer Ripley Davenport led the The Gobi ‘Crossing’ 2011 Expedition–a non-stop trek across the fifth largest desert in the world and Asia’s largest.  For nearly two months, he and his party of 11 others trekked across the inhospitable, wind-blown terrain, covering a distance of 1,100 miles. They were assisted by 12 Bactrian Camels and a Mongolian/Khazak support crew.

Watch the video below. RailRiders Adventure Clothing was one of the Gobi Crossing’s primary sponsors.

It’s not the first time Ripley walked across the Gobi. In 2009, on a self-supported expedition, he towed a 250-pound trailer filled with water, food and supplies for 700 miles. Read the RailRiders interview here with Ripley about that earlier and much more arduous solo crossing.

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