Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2016

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2016! The holiday season is upon us! Winter is a time of year for giving, and if your man loves the outdoors, we know what he’ll love. Enjoy this list of funky and fun gadgets; some will help you survive, others will just make your daily life better. No matter which man in your life you’re shopping for, our Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2016 will inspire you with great gift ideas and some of the coolest products we could find on the world wide web!



Where to buy:

What is it: A double-walled insulated thermos-slash-water bottle.

Why it’s awesome: Despite the obvious crooning about the functionality of a Hydroflask, what really makes them awesome is their combination of performance and style. I really enjoy having my water kept cold and my coffee kept hot, but I love it even more when it’s a stylish water bottle and not a drab green flask.  Hydroflask also makes bottles just for beer, and what’s more important in life than keeping your beer cold? I rest my case.

Hydroflask makes water bottles, portable coffee mugs, insulated pint glasses, and re-sealable beer growlers! All available at


FlashTorch Mini

Where to buy:

What is it: A crazy-powerful flashlight that can start a fire.

Why it’s awesome: With three brightness settings, the FlashTorch Mini goes from ultra-bright flashlight to weirdly effective cooking implement with the flick of a switch. Boasting an utterly ridiculous 2300 lumen bulb, it’s the brightest flashlight available on the market. The Mini is 40% smaller than the original FlashTorch, but still boasts enough power to start a fire or cook an egg. It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. Besides the obvious benefit of carrying a mobile fire starter, how much fun would this thing be to experiment with? As they say in their website copy: why illuminate when you can incinerate?


LifeStraw Steel

Where to buy:

What it is: A portable straw with a built-in water filter.

Why it’s awesome: Backpackers know the struggle that comes with finding clean water. Iodine and aquamira take time and add flavor. Water filters require immense physical effort. UV irradiators sketch everyone out; does that actually work? Enter the LifeStraw, a drinking straw with a built-in 2-stage filter. The straw eliminates harmful bacteria and protozoa, including the bad stuff like E. Coli. The original portable LifeStraw was plastic, but the steel version was recently released as a beefier travel partner, and comes with a new “activated carbon capsule” that helps reduce organic chemical matter like pesticides and herbicides. Best of all? Just stick it in a river and drink.

LifeStraw also sells its original plastic stand-alone straw along with water bottles with the technology built in.


Portable Tow Truck

Where to buy:

What it is: A rubberized track that grips to your tires and gets you out of a jam.

Why it’s awesome: If you’re the adventurous type, you’ve gotten stuck somewhere. Whether in the snow, mud, or sand, the places we go off the beaten path aren’t friendly to vehicles. Likely, you spent hours digging yourself out and coming up with fun items from the world around you to use as leverage for your tires. Maybe you’re the type that carries a bucket of kitty litter in your trunk for these situations. At 37 inches long and just five pounds per tread, the Portable Tow Truck will fit in any trunk and get you out of that jam way faster than kitty litter or the sticks you found in the woods a few feet away. Made from sturdy polypropelene, these traction mats work with Front, Rear, and All-Wheel drive. Comes in sets of 2.


Farm-to-Feet Wool Socks

Where to buy:

What it is: U.S.-made socks from U.S.-raised sheep!

Why it’s awesome: Everyone loves and needs wool socks. They are the most comfortable and the least smelly. Farm to Feet doesn’t just make wool socks. They make wool socks from 100% U.S.-sourced materials (including the nylon and spandex) and 100% U.S. Manufacturing. Even their point-of-purchase retailer displays are made here! They offer a wide range of products, from casual socks to athletic socks to activity-specific socks designed for hunting, skiing, and running. Socks made from happy sheep by happy people: now that is something we can get behind!

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