Inside Cheryl Strayed’s Pack from “Wild”

Inside Cheryl Strayed’s Pack from “Wild”

It’s too bad Cheryl Strayed had never heard of RailRiders. The above video details everything that Cheryl took with her during her adventure along the Pacific Crest Trail as captured by her memoir, Wild. The hit book was just released as a film starring Reese Witherspoon.

The Wild film team stopped by Strayed’s house while planning the flick to check out her backpack, Monster, which she still uses. They then had backpack company Gregory reproduce the long-forgotten model so they could duplicate Monster on screen! Said Strayed: “they even packed Monster for the film the way I packed it!”

Just looking at the images it is easy to tell how little Cheryl knew about long distance hiking before hitting the trail. Her cotton clothing, especially, would be laughable by today’s hiking standards. For those of you hoping to follow in Cheryl’s footsteps, follow her own advice and “take less stuff!” A single set of RailRiders clothing can last the whole stretch! One of the things that make Wild a compelling story is Strayed’s struggles on the trail, but for your own adventure, read the literature and plan years ahead of time!

For more information on planning a PCT trip and how to feed yourself, check out our piece about award winning author Gail Storey and also her interview with RailRiders.

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