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Men's Eco-Mesh Pant with Insect Shield

Men's Eco-Mesh Pant with Insect Shield

Men's Eco-Mesh Pant with Insect Shield

Weight: 10.0 oz
Item #: NEMP08IS
  • UPF 30+ sun protection
  • 2 ply 3oz Duralite Nylon with Insect Shield
  • Side mesh zipper Vents with 2-way zipper
  • Mesh front pockets
  • Zippered back pocket
  • Side zippered security pocket behind right pocket
  • Removable belt
  • NEW hemmable cuffs
  • Elasticized side panels for easy fit
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Are you really interested in long pants for the desert, jungle, or backcountry that are superlight, tough, and airy? With the Eco-Mesh Pants, you now have amazing temperatureregulating features. Constructed out of two-ply, 3-oz. Duralite nylon fabric, the tricked-out elements are 27-inch side zippers concealed behind vertical bands, which provide air flow to that one troubling hot spot encountered by most hikers: the crotch. Behind the tucked-away zippers are soft-mesh panels whose duty is to funnel air in and around your nether regions. With the zippers closed, the abrasion- resistant Eco-Mesh Pants resemble a traditional pair of khakis. Because the fabric is now treated with Insect Shield® technology, you have protection against mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks. The fit is enhanced by elastic side panels at the waist, and sports two on-seam front pockets, 2 zippered back pockets. Super packable, with a 15-minute maximum drying time. Includes a new side-zippered security pocket.

Reason for Being: A long pant that has vents to cool you down on hot days, but zip up on cooler ones. This is designed to be an all-purpose hiking pant that can handle any environment.

Fabric: 2 ply, 3 ounce nylon makes these featherweight and breathable.

Side Zipper Vents: 2-way zipper vents run from the thigh down to near the ankle, providing breathability when necessary and giving the pants their name.

UV Protection: Carries a sun protection rating of UPF 30+.

Insect Shield: 100% safe permethrin treatment for your clothing that will repel harmful insects and ticks. Permethrin is a new industry standard for bug repellant and the amount contained in our treated clothing is guaranteed to be safe for adults, children, and even pets. Effective for up to 70 washes.

Men's Eco-Mesh Pant with Insect Shield Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars (27 reviews)

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I just used these on a thru-hike of the Arizona Trail for 800 miles. I needed a pant that could adapt to both the heat and the cold well (the AZT had some days near 100 and nights at high elevations well below freezing). The pants provided protection from the sun during the hottest part of the day and element protection during wind and snow. I had previously used a pair during a summer in the Wind River range and they also performed well there. Two areas I think these could be improved (1) I'm a tall guy (nearly 6'3") and I used the medium with a 32.5" inseam - these did well but I would really like the option of some longer inseams (say 34"). (2) I definitely removed the belt as its function seemed moot and it added ounces to my baseweight. I think a lighter and more functional built-in belt system could do the same more effectively.

This is my second pair of the Eco-Mesh pants. I use them for hiking and they work as advertised. They are protecting me from both insects and the sun while still giving me plenty of ventilation. I would like to see RailRiders put this ventilation system into more of their pants to have a better option for cooler weather hikes. I did use these to do a March hike up to Tuckerman's Ravine and they worked fine with a light base layer underneath.

i've tried different variations of cotton nylon and polyester pants in blended formulations and also their singular material. i believe these to be the best hot weather pants which exist perhaps excluding extremely humid environments or rainy conditions. advantage 1 evaporative cooling is increased because of the air permeability of the mesh while still retaining UPF unlike shorts. i think the additional breathability provided by the vents is unparalleled not to mention they are adjustable if it gets colder.advantage 2 lightweight. you are more likely to carry such pants even though a heavier pant could be better in a humid environment. sometimes due to the combination of being light in weight and perspiration/external moisture it adheres to one's body. however it still wicks pretty fast. i don't think heavier gauges of thread/ply/etc. adhere as much but they still require wringing out. polypropylene retains 0 moisture polyesters typically 1 or less then nylons around 8.potential disadvantage 1 i think there is a disadvantage of the baggy material aesthetically and perhaps practically. the bagginess of the thin pant material i think is ugly in appearance. its like those inflatable flailing people. functionally agile movement is lessened because of the lack of gusseted knees but i believe this contributes to increased ventilation from the sides. so it actually results in the pant being more comfortable and isn't really a disadvantage. airiness loose flowing cool.potential disadvantage 2 also i criticized the length of the pants which i might've ordered incorrectly but the added weight on the bottom could serve to maintain external pant rigidity and hence increased air flow from the side vents. or maybe a less lengthy pant would have more airflow from the bottom i'm not really sure.potential disadvantage 3 the thin material offers limited cushioning. for example when doing fieldwork outside and kneeling in a crouched position on the ground the most imperceptibly small of rocks become immediately noticeable. this is something to consider because until writing such a review i never perceived any advantage to this. maybe it is good for humans to have immediate tactile feedback from the terrain. but if kneeling is a routine of manual labor or employment it is most probably an overall disadvantage.disadvantage 4 i think the insect repellent wears off like DWR etc. but it could be useful for a while. not sure if its harmful.disadvantage 5 i dislike the belt because it becomes loose and is uncomfortable and bunches the fabric. nylon webbing belts need to be wider.conclusion i'm buying another pair of these pants for hot weather usage (PA in the United States) because every other pant and type of pant is inferior and does not have zippered ventilation on the sides. any perceived disadvantage is negligible and non-existent.

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